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Welcome to our blog - a visitor’s guide to the sights and sounds of Stirling Castle.

A Historic Year for Scotland

2017 is Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology which celebrates the richness of Scotland’s intriguing history, impressive cultural heritage and fascinating... continue reading

Holding the key to Scotland

It has famously been said over the centuries “that to hold Stirling was to hold the key to Scotland”. This weekend (24th & 25th September) visitors to Stirling Castle... continue reading

Third time's the charm

When we found out earlier this year that we had been shortlisted for the Best UK Heritage Attraction in this year’s British Travel Awards we were naturally delighted. continue reading

Echoes and Traces

On 1st September Stirling Castle will play host to a very unique event. Echoes & Traces is a world premiere concert tour of new choral works, developed in response to a... continue reading