Stirling Castle is a great symbol of Scottish independence & a source of national pride. The Castle's long, turbulent history is associated with great figures from Scotland’s past such as William Wallace & Mary Queen of Scots.

Wallace monument

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20 January 2016

As one of the most important places in Scotland’s history, Stirling Castle has drawn countless visitors over the centuries...

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Stirling Heads Gallery

See the Stirling Heads close up and discover the meaning behind each Head.

From the castle timeline

Castle Timeline

Illustrating people and events that have shaped the castle's dramatic and often bloody past.

Castle Timeline

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders South Africa War Memorial on the esplanade at Stirling Castle

Regimental Museum

Stirling Castle is the spiritual home of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders'

A view of King's Knot, Stirling Castle

Castle Gardens

The Castle gardens played a big part in the life of the royal family who lived there.

The Chapel Royal, Stirling Castle

The Chapel Royal

The Chapel Royal was the last building erected in the castle by royalty.

Forework at Stirling Castle

Forework Gate

The Forework Gate is dominated by two towers that project boldly out from the wall.

Guns of the Grand Battery, Stirling Castle

The Grand Battery is a legacy from 300 years ago when the Jacobites first threatened the castle.

The Great Hall, Stirling

The Great Hall was by far the largest banqueting hall ever built in medieval Scotland.

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders South Africa War Memorial on the esplanade at Stirling Castle

King's Old Building

Over 500 years old, this now houses the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders museum.

The Outer Defences, Stirling Castle

Outer Defences

Built in 1708 under the order that the Castle be refortified using the latest military ‘know how’.

Stirling Palace at night

The Palace

Built around 1540 the Palace is one of the most remarkable Renaissance buildings in the UK.

A part of one of the Stirling Heads

Stirling Heads

The Stirling Heads are among the most precious, and priceless, of Renaissance works of art.

Stirling Heads