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26 March 2015

Spring is my favourite time of year and what better way to celebrate it than by checking out a superb family friendly Historic Scotland site? Together with my foam sword clad warrior daughters (and the two wee pals they had brought along) we set out on the first day of spring for an assault on Stirling Castle, arguably the most dramatic castle in the land and a personal favourite of mine...

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Points Of Interest Map

With so much to see, look for points of interest in our interactive map of Stirling Castle.


The Queen Anne Garden

Queen Anne Garden

These attractive terraced gardens occupy a peaceful and colourful spot on the sunny south side of the castle. A royal garden was probably formed here in the 1400s. They are now overlooked by the Queen’s Lodgings and the Prince’s Tower.

The flat lawn was converted into a bowling green in the 1620s. The tree is a beech, more than 200 years old.