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The Castle Exhibition

An overview of Stirling Castle, telling its story from the earliest times to the present day.

Left] Jo Buckberry from Bradford University’s Anthropology Research Centre [Right] Facial reconstruction of skeleton
[Left] Jo Buckberry from Bradford University’s Anthropology Research Centre[Right] Facial reconstruction of skeleton

The exhibition focuses on key events and personalities in the castle’s long history, from around 840 to 1964 and beyond. Key themes include:

  • The Wars of Independence
    Discover how the castle changed hands eight times in 50 years, during the bloody struggle between the Scots and the English for control of the kingdom.

  • The Royal Chapel Burials
    Explore the mysteries of nine people buried in the former royal chapel. Includes a cold case investigation of the injuries suffered by a man killed at Stirling about 1300..

  • Men Who Would be King
    Find out what made James IV and James V successful and admired, where their predecessor James III failed.

  • The Castle’s Artists
    Find out about John Slezer, artillery engineer and draughtsman, whose 17th-century illustrations of the castle provide essential information on its history.
    And learn about Jane Ferrier, who turned Robert Burns’s head, and later drew the Stirling Heads, creating an invaluable record of these unique oak carvings.

The exhibition is housed in vaults accessed via the Queen Anne Garden. Known as casemates, they were built as part of the castle’s massive Outer Defences in 1708–14.