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Visitors at Stirling Castle

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20 January 2016

As one of the most important places in Scotland’s history, Stirling Castle has drawn countless visitors over the centuries...

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Visitor Recommendations

"...I find Stirling Castle to be one of the most important and historically -significant places in all Europe. So much happened here that changed the course of mankind..."


"Fantastic...this was one of my favourite castles to look through on my tour of impressive structure and still wonderfully intact"

Darren, New Zealand

"A brilliant place...the guides really do bring the place alive. The views, especcially in the direction of the Wallace monument are amazing...the outside catering must have one of the best views in the whole of the UK...the place is unique and the staff are great. Wonderful."

Pete Groves, Devon

"A historic gem...the tours offered on site are highly recommended. The view of the countryside is also spectacular. You haven't been to Scotland if you haven't been to Stirling!"

Notanewlywed, Victoria BD

"On 27 October 2009, I opted for the 12pm tour which came free with the entrance price. The guide who took us around was a born actor and was just so passionate about his subject...I laughed loudly at every utterance and for me the way he stabbed and sliced the air, snarled, sneered and smiled was the highlight of my trip to Scotland."

Sparky043, Wales

"One of the best castles we visited whilst in Scotland this year. We spent at least 3 hours thoroughly engrossed. Great audio tapes allowing you to go at your own place and well marked stopping points on the way round the various interest points."

Waggytails, Forest of Dean

“Worth every penny and then some… It was awesome…The best day we spent in Scotland."


“Worth the trip to Scotland.  If you want to see a real castle, don’t miss Stirling.  This is a very special place to see.  I especially enjoyed the guided tour.  The weaving of the tapestries is amazing”

Dsamms, Charleston, West Virginia

“Stunning.  I loved Stirling Castle.  The castle is amazing.  The audio guide is informative and very interesting.  I enjoyed the tapestry centre and spent quite a lot of time there chatting with one of the workers.”

hrhweezie, Atlanta, Georgia

“Stirling Castle was by far the best castle I had the privilege to visit during my trip to England and Scotland.  The Scottish landscape added to the beauty of the castle.”

Totally Amazing, Wisconsin

"Very impressed with every member of staff I met."


"Very impressed with Argyll’s Lodging.  We had a great time, loved it here.  Staff and people very nice, beautiful space."


"The tour guide was knowledgeable and extremely entertaining.  A first class guide!"


"Rare to find good food at attractions in Scotland."