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20 January 2016

As one of the most important places in Scotland’s history, Stirling Castle has drawn countless visitors over the centuries...

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The Stirling Tapestries

The magnificent Unicorn tapestries hanging in the Queen’s Inner Hall of the Palace were commissioned especially for Stirling Castle. They have been woven by hand, using techniques dating back to the 1400s.

From one of the Stirling tapestries

The tapestries are closely based on a set of seven held by the Metropolitan Museum of New York at its Cloisters Museum. The original tapestries were produced in the early 1500s in the Low Countries.

We know that James V had two sets of tapestries featuring unicorns. Tapestries were extremely expensive and were prized by the wealthy elites of the European Renaissance.

Work began on the new tapestries in 2001 and was completed in 2014. Four of the seven were woven in a purpose built studio within Stirling Castle. In Spring 2015, visitors will be able to see an exhibition about the tapestry project in the studio - 'Weaving the Unicorn.'

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