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Celebrate Scotland’s Finest Foods

by StirlingCastle 28. September 2015 07:57

Scotland is best known across the world for tartan, haggis and shortbread, but we have plenty more hidden gems to tickle your taste buds. 

In this Year of Food and Drink, we want to introduce you to all of the wonderful delicacies in Scotland’s natural larder. From our traditional dish of haggis, neeps and tatties which is either loved or loathed, I recommend this with a wee shot of Bruadar, a lovely whisky liqueur poured over the top, to our delicious Smoked Salmon, cured over oak chips.


Some of the best whiskies in the world are produced by the distilleries in Scotland, however you may not know that another one of our world class products is honey.  The flavour of the honey we produce is enhanced by our wide variety of wild flowers.  One of my favourite is heather honey with its light floral bouquet.

Indulge in this mouth-watering recipe that uses some of the best ingredients in the Scottish larder:
Honey Whisky Cream Cheesecake


200g (8 oz) Shortbread
50g (2 oz) Butter
500ml (half pint) Double Cream
200g (8 oz) Cream Cheese
3 x tbs Heather Honey
A dash of your favourite whisky


1. Crumble up the shortbread into a bowl
2. Add the melted butter and mix together
3. Press mixture down into four glass dishes
4. Whip up the double cream until it peaks
5. Add the cream cheese and mix well
6. Add a liberal dash of your favourite whisky to your mixture
7. Finally fold in three desert spoons of heather honey
8. Pour the mixture evenly into your dishes
9. Refrigerate for two hours

Best served with a wee nip of your favourite whisky.

Chefs recommendations:  A Speyside whisky compliments this recipe.

All of the ingredients in this fabulous recipe can be purchased in the shops at Stirling Castle.


Please share your images of the Honey Whisky Cream Cheesecake at @welovehistory using #HSEat!

Author: Sandy Easson 

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Stirling | Stirling Castle

Rebels and Redcoats

by StirlingCastle 21. September 2015 05:25

The notion of art imitating life will be close to home this weekend for costumed performer Mike Newcomen who will portray his own ancestor in our Rebels & Redcoats event.

The event, which marks the 300th anniversary of the Battle of Sheriffmuir, will see Mike and his colleagues taking on the parts of government soldiers and Jacobites as the story of this crucial battle in the Jacobite uprising unfolds for visitors.

Mike, who has performed at many Historic Scotland events over the years and who set up one of the original Jacobite re-enactment groups in Scotland, recently discovered that he was directly descended from Beverly Newcomen of the 14th Dragoon regiment who fought on the government side during the 1715 rising.

Mike explained, “My grandfather originally came from Ballymahon, County Longford in Ireland to work on the Glamis estate in Scotland, many of the family having moved to Ireland in Cromwell's time. Beverly was a captain in the 14th Dragoon Regiment that was part of the Jacobite war of 1715. After the Jacobites' defeat he was involved in the mopping up operation and the transporting of prisoners for execution and deportation. In 1717 the regiment returned to Ireland and as far as I can establish, continued his commission for a number of years before retirement.”

It will be unchartered territory and mixed emotions as Mike lays down his Jacobite tartans and dons a Red Coat to take on the role of Beverly. Look out for him in the English Garrison at the event!

Rebels & Redcoats takes place at Stirling Castle on Sat 26 & Sun 27 September from 12pm-4pm and is included in admission price.

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On your bike

by StirlingCastle 16. September 2015 05:42

Massive congratulations to a cycling team from Stirling Castle who raised more than £1,500 for charity earlier this month.

Taking it easy before setting off.

The group of 13 joined thousands of cyclists who made their way from Glasgow to Edinburgh - a total of 50 miles. One of the stops on their route was the iconic Linlithgow Palace where the riders were able to break for lunch and a well-deserved rest.

Having a break at Linlithgow.

Liz Grant, Executive Manager at Stirling Castle, and one of the riders, explained: “'Originally there were just a couple of us planning to take part, but as we started talking about it to others more people signed up”.

Tracy Quinn, Admissions Assistant at Stirling adds: “Although we didn't train together there was a lot of friendly rivalry in the lead up to the event which spurred us all on”.

Big smiles at the finish line.

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